Joe Roller Fire Inside Album Art
Fire Inside Album Art

“Fire Inside (feat. Kay-Kay)” Out Today!

I’m so excited to announce that “Fire Inside (feat. Kay-Kay)” is now live everywhere you can buy music.

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Linear Notes

I don’t like writing about my own music. Everything I have to say in the track is in the track.

“Fire Inside (feat. Kay-Kay)” was inspired by a trip to NYC last summer. I stayed with my best friends, and we constantly went out to enjoy the finest music and art in the world.

Like the rest of my trips, I spent a great deal of time alone while my friends worked. When I’m alone, I avoid listening to music.

I don’t know where these tracks come from, but I was alone in Central Park towards the evening, and I heard the piano and bass out of the blue, and when I returned, started writing it a few months later.

I incorporated some ambient sounds of NYC in the background, with the voices of some old spirits of house music to create something that I want hot guys to dance to in the club.