Blog Announcement

During the 2020 year, I stopped posting to my blog regularly. I kept up with bi-weekly posts up until about

Virtue Twisting and Word Washing: Duping the Masses

Word washing is when a commonly used definition is implied in an argument and warped in a way that benefits

“Sixish” Linear Notes

A little over a month ago, my track “Sixish” came out. It’s one of the first tracks to use jazz

Fix Pro Tools Error AAE -9173

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay on blog posts recently. Don’t worry, everything in my life is pretty much, well,

Covid Won’t Matter

Covid-19 simply will not have any long-term effects on society. Disease is not an agent of social change. Instead, technology

Yes, You Can Produce: Starting from Nothing

Starting a hobby or career in music production is very simple even if you never played an instrument before. I’ll

Joe Roller Fire Inside Album Art

“Fire Inside (feat. Kay-Kay)” Out Today!

I’m so excited to announce that “Fire Inside (feat. Kay-Kay)” is now live everywhere you can buy music. Buy on

Panic Prophesy: COVID-19’s Psychological Effects

I’m not qualified to talk about diseases or make health recommendations. Instead, I’ll observe the effects of COVID-19 at the

Interlochen theme for Piano

Download Here I’m so happy to announce that my transcription of the Interlochen Theme, the theme from Howard Hanson’s Symphony

Learning Music Fast

One thing that caught me off guard in music is the sheer amount of music I’m expected to learn in

Ten Things Pianists Never Say

Hey everyone! Thanks for showing up to the gig I organized. Boy, I could learn a thing or two about