Thanks for considering me to make some recordings for you. You made the right decision. These are the services I offer and their rates. I truly appreciate your interest–let’s talk! I can provide samples.

Practice Tracks – $30/track

Practice tracks are a set of three tracks perfect for vocalists to study and perform with. The vocalist receives a track with the vocal and piano together, a vocal solo track with piano cues, and a piano track without any vocals. The advantages of custom piano tracks are that I incorporate stylistic decisions covered in the lesson, and the tracks provide necessary character to a performance or audition that automatically generated tracks cannot.

To record a set of practice tracks, I need:

  • The song score or chart as a PDF
  • Any notes about structure or form in an email, or discussed over the phone
  • Tempo in BPM
  • Any specific performance requests like holding a particular phrase or lyric longer
  • One or two reference recordings you like

I offer special discounts for bulk orders!

Karaoke Tracks – $15/track

I can take any recorded piece of music and turn it into a Karaoke track. All I need is a YouTube link or an mp3 or WAV file, and I will get back to you with full vocal and instrumental tracks. Better quality files will always yield better results.

I also offer discounts for Karaoke tracks!

Full Productions – Contact me

I can take your song and turn it into a professional, radio-ready track. Check out my Releases for what I am capable of. With about 9,000 monthly listeners on Spotify with my own Joe Roller project, and playing on tracks that amassed anywhere between a quarter million to millions of plays, you know I will deliver for you. Contact me for pricing. I recommend that you come to me with a completed song idea. Unlike practice tracks or Karaoke tracks, I do not guarantee I will accept your project.


All projects have a one- to three-business day turnaround period, except for full productions. We will discuss turnaround times for a full production should I agree to accept the project.


I deliver files as 320k mp3s through a private Google Drive link that lasts indefinitely. Higher resolution files, like WAVs, can be provided for no additional charge if you like. Tracks will not be delivered until the full payment clears.


Clients are entitled to one revision. Each subsequent revision is $15. Providing tracks in multiple sets of keys counts as a discount revision, at $10 per additional key. I render tracks in real time and that time adds up. So, a three-minute practice track with three deliverable tracks takes about ten minutes to render. Five-minute tracks take about 15-20 minutes to render and so on.


Payment for remote work is through Venmo or Paypal. When we meet in person again, I also accept cash or check. I will not provide the tracks until the payment clears.

Practice Tracks Discounts

After you order the two piano tracks any additional practice tracks are $20 per track. Here’s an example:

Number of Practice Tracks Ordered Total Price ($)
1 30
2 60
3 90
4 110
5 130
6 150


Karaoke Track Discounts

After the first two Karaoke tracks, additional tracks are $10 per track.

Number of Karaoke Tracks Ordered Total Price ($)
1 15
2 30
3 40
4 50
5 60
6 70

Thank you and talk soon!

Updated January 7th, 2021