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Joe Roller named Thalys after a beautiful train, a train that strikes through the tender European bosom from Amsterdam to Paris at the speed of a small jet. Jets dance with the winds and fly higher than birds, swimming through the air as a great fish plunges in the depths of the ocean. Funny how the extremes of our environment seem evermore mysterious. The higher spacecraft fly, the less we know. We explore space, letting the hand of scientific achievement gently graze, yet never lift, the great scintillating cosmic veil that blinds us from truly knowing the celestial bodies that fondly gaze down. Hopefully with the same warm, loving gaze a mother gives her son, yet we may have some evidence to the contrary. The deeper we swim, the more alien the creatures seem; teeth gnashing the size of small boats and lightbulbs protruding from the skulls and foreheads of the rather depraved bodies we think of as fish—they greet us as we venture deep within the oceans. At what point is a fish more of a shallow label, a lame attempt at understanding what truly lies at the mysterious depths of the planet?

Our dashing Thalys does not imitate a fish, bird, or deep-water chimerae. No, Thalys herself imitates lightning. She bolts throughout the European bosom guided by the electrical current birthed through a Promethean fire in the same patterns modeled after lightning. The same pulses that power the mighty train are channeled into software and imitated through this new track. Enjoy!