broken piano key

Ten Things Pianists Never Say

  1. Hey everyone! Thanks for showing up to the gig I organized.
  2. Boy, I could learn a thing or two about musicianship from the vocalists I work with!
  3. Oh, I was rushing? Sorry! I’ll be sure to work with a metronome before the next rehearsal. Gosh, you know what? I should work with a metronome more in general. I could really improve my internal clock. Most of the band has better much time than I do. Thanks for reminding me!
  4. I will make time to learn the music before rehearsal, so I don’t have to worry about sight-reading at practice. Lord knows I’m not the best reader in the world.
  5. Wow, these other players in the band are way better musicians than I am!
  6. I could really improve my music theory knowledge.
  7. I am completely prepared for all the accompanying gigs I have this week. Heck, what am I saying? I meant this season!
  8. I’m not hungover.
  9. I could play fewer chord extensions next time.
  10. I actually read the accompaniment part note for note last run!