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Ten Things Pianists Never Say

Hey everyone! Thanks for showing up to the gig I organized. Boy, I could learn a thing or two about

Migrating to Windows

I don’t typically write about this sort of thing, but a lot of people kept asking me about it, so

Be lucky

Success only happens when luck, talent, and hard work combine. Luck Luck is not about having good odds in roulette

Discussing Music Badly: Part Two

This continues the first post. Click here to read it. Here, I’ll argue that “natural” is a term that refers

Four Ways I Held Myself Back

When I reviewed the “Discussing Music Badly” series, I thought it wasn’t fair of me to critique other people and

Millions of measures thousands of pages: 2019 Repertoire in Review

Thank you so much for continued readership. I didn’t expect my blog to be a huge source of engagement. I

Discussing Music Badly: Part One

Most people, including most professional musicians, tend to use language carelessly when they discuss music. While the main ideas one

Fast as the Wind: 6 Steps to WordPress Optimization

Optimizing a WordPress installation for speed is not that hard when you have the right plugins and some patience on

How to Title Your Tracks: “blargh234”

Introduction When people write music, many times they use track titles like “something,” “somethinga1,” “new idea,” “new idea 2q34234,” or

Bach and PIE: The Creative Process

Over the course of the summer, I completed a few different creative projects. The first one was a transcription of